Molly from Smokemont Cherokee NC

#meetyourmount presents Molly! This beautiful lady is really something to look at with her black and white coat and two blue eyes. Although she’s still a guide horse until we deem her fit for guests, she’s quickly becoming a favorite. Molly is trained to ride as well as pull a buggy, so she’s got the versatility as well! She’s believed to be a Gypsy Vanner cross, although we aren’t completely positive, she’s definitely a big girl. Just look at those shoulders and legs! 

This picture was taken by a guide along our Alternate one hour ride. This is the trail we use when we are unable to go through the river.

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Hello everyone! Despite the many challenges we have faced in 2020, we have had an incredibly remarkable season this year. However, as of today, Saturday, November 14th, we have made the difficult decision to close the door on this season. Although we were initially looking forward to remain open until November 29th, the rising number of COVID-19 cases Nationally and locally have forced us to make the best decision in keeping your family, as well as our family, safe. In light of these rising case numbers, our last day this year will be Sunday, November 15th. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our awesome horses, our hardworking guides, our stellar management team, but most importantly, our incredible guests for making this year so extraordinary. Without you, we simply wouldn’t be what we are today. Stay safe, and we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! We look forward to seeing you next year!

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